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Jane Abitanta, principal of Perceval Associates, occupies a special position in the institutional investment arena that comes from her ability to diagnose the underlying problems that get in the way of money managers, and provide successful solutions that help them attract and retain clients. In her own words, "The issue is almost never performance, but people failing to connect; people getting in the way of their own good ideas, inside their firms as well as with potential or existing partners outside the firm."

Jane has advised many of the top institutional fund managers, family offices and countless hedge funds, helping them to articulate their particular edge in terms of the real-world needs of their markets. She is well known for her combination of industry expertise, unbiased eye and a direct communication style that makes even the most accomplished money managers seek her advice. Marketing directors particularly appreciate Jane's successful coaching of investment professionals on the clear, concise and compelling delivery of their investment process.

Jane is a director of 100 Women in Finance, a global association of over 15,000 members focused on education, professional leverage and philanthropy. She has served as charter faculty for the Institute for Private Investors, a member of the Investment Committee of Women's World Banking, and director of the Association for Investment Management Sales Executives (AIMSE). She is a former director of Green Cay Asset Management, a Bahamas-based alternative investment firm and of Shaking the Tree, a not-for-profit organization that uses interactive theater to illustrate family wealth dynamics.

Prior to the formation of Perceval Associates in 1996, Jane was an investment strategist with Citicorp Investment Management and held executive marketing positions at Bessemer Trust and Swiss Bank Corporation.

With an MBA in Finance and Investment Management from Fordham University, and a BA in Economics and Political Science from the University of Delaware, Jane earned an MA in Social-Organizational Psychology and Change from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2008.