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Perceval was an Arthurian hero, a Roundtable outsider who was deeply loyal to his king, but chose to distance himself from the petty politics of the court. As a result he had great clarity of vision and was the only knight able to see the Holy Grail.

Like our namesake, we too are outsiders, able to see what may be obscure to insider eyes. We understand what you do. We see the organization, we see the style. We are able to act because our loyalty is to the entire company.

It’s why we’re willing to ask the hard questions:

“What gets in your way?”

“Why aren’t you winning more searches?”

“Why can’t your marketers be heard in the organization?”

“Why don’t your star portfolio managers work as a group?”

More than one firm has told us it’s like having a client at the table, one who is telling them the truth.

What are the tricks?

The trick is, there are no tricks. Only three essential — and learnable — skills:

Story building: An effective marketing strategy is built on the foundation of a good story; one that is clear, concise and compelling.

Effective delivery: The success of the story hinges on how well you connect it to your clients’ needs.

Authentic listening: Good listening skills are the fastest way to build an effective connection.